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The Pros and Cons of an Office Dog

We all know how therapeutic having a dog around can be. They’re friendly, loving, and they have an amazing ability to make us feel better when we are down. Unfortunately, most of us have to leave Fido at home when we go to work. Some offices, however, are starting to allow people to bring their own dogs to work and others still have dogs that actually live in their offices full time.

While this may improve employee morale, having an office dog can also bring some challenges. If you’re considering allowing dogs in your workplace, you may want to check out the pros and cons first.

Pros of Dogs in the Workplace

1. Dogs can relieve stressand make employees happier and more efficient.

2. They provide a means of interactionthat employees can bond over.

3. Bringing a dog to work may save their owner money on doggie daycare.

4. Just like how your office furniture can say a lot about your company, allowing pets in the workplace can also improve your image.

5. Allowing dogs at work can be an incentive for animal-loving potential employees.

Cons of Dogs in the Workplace

1. Even the most well-trained dog can have an accident which may require you to replace a piece of office furniture.

2. Some dogs are noisier than others, and constant running around, barking, or whining can cause a serious distraction.

3. Even though their domesticated, dogs are still animal and, as such, can be unpredictable. If this results in an employee or client being bitten, you could face a lawsuit from the victim.

4. Allowing an office dogs or employees’ pets may require your HR team to spend time and money creating a pet policy.

5. Dogs have to take numerous walks throughout the day and that will require at least one employee to stop working.

6. Some people are afraid of dogs and others are allergic. If this is the case in your office, dogs may have to be restricted to only certain areas or not allowed at all.

7. If you have a small office space, a large dog may simply be too much to handle.

For some offices, having a dog around is a great fit, and for others they aren’t! One thing is for sure, most office dogs love taking naps under desks or on the office couch. And don’t forget, if your office dog has an accident or gets your office furniture dirty, Office Furniture Source provides onsite office furniture cleaning services for businesses all over Dallas, TX. Get in touch with one of our Furniture Consultants at 855-318-4311 to get a quote or schedule your furniture cleaning today.

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