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5 Tips to Declutter Your Desk

You got a new job and you're excited to get settled in. You take time setting up your desk with the idea that you are going to be organized, clean, and basically perfect...and then work happens.

Next thing you know, you’re shuffling through papers scattered on your desk just to find that one sticky note with someone’s contact info on it.

If this is you, it's time to declutter your space. Here are some tips for making your desk and office less messy:

1. Stow away personal items

When you first arrive to your office, put your purse, briefcase, umbrella and all other items in a locker or under your desk. It's easy to come into work and throw your stuff down somewhere so you can start checking emails, but then you never really end up putting your belongings away. Getting into a routine of storing them can give you mental clarity and makes you look like you've got it together even if work is hectic.

2. So many business cards, so little space

We all have them, and we all don't really know what to do with them. You might have a pile of business cards in a drawer, a container on your desk, or pinned up on the wall above the phone. The best way to declutter these is to transfer what you can to a digital document. Sort through the business cards you absolutely need and create an Excel spreadsheet to organize the names and numbers. Instead of shuffling through cards, all you have to do is press Control F on the keyboard to type in a name and find the person you’re looking for!

3. Remove nonessential items

You have to have your phone and computer on the desk and yes, you'll want to have a few photos of loved ones and some decorations, but don't get too crazy. All the knick-knacks can add up quickly and, while it might be fun to spruce up your space, it can make it look crowded.

4. Consolidate notes

You may have a “to do” list (or several) on your desk at all times. Or maybe you have sticky notes that are starting to pile up. Take some time to transfer all those random notes onto one piece of paper or create a digital version. This will keep you focused on the priorities for the next day and make your desk just a bit tidier.

5. Clean your office at the end of each day

This is by far the most important tip. Just as you have a routine at the beginning of the day, you should also have one at the end. This can be a lifesaver. If your desk gets messy by the end of the day, this routine will give you a chance to sort through everything so it doesn't continue to stack up. And the next morning, you get to enter a clean office, ready to start the day.

Use these tips to help declutter your space and your mind. Soon you will come to find that it will improve your mood and your work ethic.

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