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5 Ways to Improve Your Cubicle Etiquette

Working in an office cubicle isn’t always fun or easy. You’re practically living right on top of your neighbors and, while you have a little bit of privacy, the close quarters sure don’t make it feel that way. So how do you enjoy your space while still maintaining a respectful environment with your coworkers?

Try these ideas for better cubicle etiquette:

1. Refrain from playing music.

Not everyone has the same taste in music and some people may get offended by lyrics in certain songs. It may feel like you have your own little area to yourself when you work in a cube, but in reality you’re sharing one large room with a dozen or more people. Share the space and play it safe. It’s better to be at work without music at all, as depressing as that sounds, because even listening to headphones could make you seem unapproachable.

2. Be careful what you eat.

More people are beginning to meal prep throughout the week. They stick to a healthy diet that gives them more energy and really fuels their bodies. Most cubicle spaces have some sort of break room with a microwave for everyone to heat up their delicious meals, but be mindful of what you heat up in the microwave. Foods like fish and broccoli, while healthy, give off a stench that will linger within the walls of the office for the entire day; and people will talk about it.

3) If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

A paper clip here, a staple there; the thought that crosses everyone's minds is, "oh it's just one, they won't care." If you need something you don’t have, don’t "borrow" it from your neighbor when they’re not there. If you absolutely need something, wait until they’re at their desks and ask politely.

4) Visit your neighbor in person.

It doesn't matter if the person you’re trying to speak with is two cubicles down from you or if they’re right next to you. Leave your cubicle and visit theirs to speak to them. Treat it like a normal office. Peeking over the tops of cubicles invades other people's privacy. Instead, just walk to their area and knock on their cubicle wall as if it was a door.

5) Use your inside voice.

Voices can echo around the room whether you are talking someone on the phone or in person. Speak quietly out of consideration for others. If it's a private conversation, or one that may be lengthy, take it outside or into the break room.

Working in an environment with cubicles should cause us to reflect internally and ask ourselves, "how can we make it more pleasant for others?" It ultimately comes down to being courteous of others and, if everyone makes an effort, the cubicle workspace won't be so bad after all.

If you’re a business looking to set up cubes in your office, we’ve got you covered! At Office Furniture Source, we have plenty of different cubicle and workstation styles. Give us a call at 972-242-1700 to speak to a Furniture Consultant about your business’s cubicle needs.

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