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7 Pros and Cons of Creating an Open Workspace at Your Office

When designing office space, businesses have to figure out whether they want a traditional closed-office environment using cubicles, an open-floor plan style workspace using benching systems, or something in between.

In this day and age, many companies are steering their office designs toward the open floor plan option; but why? With studies that suggest open workspaces are not only ineffective, they may be unhealthy, is that really the right move?

The truth is, nobody knows what’s right for your company but you. That said, you may want to check out the pros and cons of open workspaces before you make your final decision.

Pros of Providing an Open Workspace

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  • The open floor plan design saves space by fitting more employees in a smaller area.
  • It also saves money on building costs and materials.
  • They may cost less to heat and cool.
  • Open office space can cost as much as 50% less per employee compared to traditional office spaces.
  • They are more flexible and make it easier to quickly accommodate more workers.
  • They often look and feel busier than traditional offices.
  • Less walls and doors gives open floor plan offices more natural light.

Cons of an Open Workspace

  • Open floor plan offices can be noisier and more distracting than private offices.
  • They may be a good fit for some, but they aren’t a cultural fit for every company.
  • They foster the spread of disease.
  • According to a 2014 study performed by Swedish researchers, the increased risk of getting sick meant that employees who work in an open floor plan office are twice as likely to take sick days.
  • The same study suggested that those employees are less able to focus and generally less content.
  • Employees may spend more time talking to each other and less time working.
  • The lack of privacy can make employees feel less important or like they are being watched, slowing productivity.

Many business believe open workspaces encourage creativity and collaboration. In reality, they are actually quite stress inducing and can make people more irritable.

When designing your workspace, you must consider that every employee works differently. Some open areas are fine, but it’s a good idea to transform your workspace to include quiet zones and private offices as well.

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