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7 Ways a Furniture Consultant Saves You Time and Money

As a business, you’ll eventually reach a point where it’s time to get rid of your old, outdated furniture in favor of something newer, better, and more modern. It’s a decision that must be made, but it’s also one that can cost your company countless hours and dollars.

While outfitting your office in new furniture is certainly something you can handle on your own, there is a better way. Furniture consultants are people who are trained to help you figure out what your company needs in terms of new office furniture. Not only do they have a unique understand of what businesses need, but they can save you a ton of time and money. Here’s how:

1. They may be able to get you a discount.

Sure, you can find discounts online, but when you work with a furniture consultant you have access to promotions and bulk discounts offered through their company, without risking making any of the mistakes to avoid when buying office furniture online.

2. You’ll learn more.

Furniture consultants know a lot about what kind of furniture is right for different offices and different spaces and they’re happy to impart some of their knowledge on you. That way you’ll be even more knowledgeable when buying furniture next time.

3. They can help you plan your space.

When purchasing furniture on your own, it can be hard to know whether everything will fit in your space as planned. Furniture consultants can help you measure your space and carefully plan what will fit and what won’t.

4. They’ll keep you on budget.

It’s easy to go over budget when you’re buying furniture. A furniture consultant will keep track of your budget and ensuring that you don’t go over budget and if possible, keeping you under budget.

5. They have an eye for design.

Not unlike an interior designer, furniture consultants are trained, not only to help you select furniture that accomplishes your needs, but to help you purchase furniture that matches existing decor, wall colors, flooring, and lighting.

time is money

6. They have plenty of resources.

Furniture consultants are well connected. If there’s a piece of furniture that is out of stock, or if you want something you saw in a magazine that their store doesn’t carry, chances are they can either order it for you or find someone who can.

7. By saving time, they also save you money.

At the end of the day, time is money. Working with a furniture consultant helps the process of buying new office furniture for your company faster and easier, which saves you money in the long run.

The furniture consultants at Office Furniture Source in Dallas, Texas have decades of combined experience helping all kinds of people buy office furniture, whether you’re an individual furnishing your home office or a CEO looking to furnish an entire company’s worth of offices. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you at 855-318-4311.

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