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7 Ways to Make Yourself More Productive at Work

Whether you work at home or in a traditional office, chances are you’ve experienced a lapse in productivity from time to time. Maybe it was because you were bored or unchallenged by your work that day, or maybe it was because you were too busy and simply weren’t able to sit down and focus.

Regardless of where your productivity problems lie, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help solve them:

1. Take breaks. What? The first tip to being more productive at work is to... not work? Yes. Simply put, you can only focus on one thing for so long. Researchers from Florida State University suggest working in 90-minute intervals and taking a break between each one. Not sure what to do with your break? Try exercising or just give yourself, your eyes, and your brain time to rest, reset, and get back into the zone.

2. Track your time. Most of the time we either think it takes a lot more time or a lot less time to do what we’re doing, so we overestimate or underestimate accordingly. This can make it hard to plan your day, so consider taking a couple of weeks to time how long it takes you to do various tasks so planning will be easier.

3. Skip having meetings. We all hate them and they rarely accomplish something that an email or phone call can’t. While some meetings are truly vital, most are just a huge pain that take up way more time than they’re worth.

4. Avoid junk food. Chips and candy may feel satisfying when you’re eating them, but afterwards they can make you feel heavy, sleep, and lethargic. Instead, try healthy snacks like nuts or fruits. Oh, and drink some water while you’re at it!

5. Stop trying to multitask. It’s just not how your brain works, according to the American Psychological Association. Just pick one task and stick to it for a while, instead of jumping back and forth between several.

6. Cut down on interruptions. One of the best way to do this by turning notifications off on your phone and computer for emails, calls, and texts. Yes, we do understand that you need to answer these things, so we have two suggestions. You can either set aside a time during the day to make calls or send emails, OR you can employe the two-minute rule which says if you can do it in two minutes, do it, and if not, do it later.

7. Spruce up your workspace. Hating your workspace is going to make it a lot harder to want to get work done. The good news is this is an easy fix. Start by decluttering your desk and then check out some great ways to make your workspace more homey.

Following these tips are not only likely to make you more productive, they’ll make you happier with yourself and your work as well. Some new office furniture can help with that as well! At Office Furniture Source, we have all kinds of furniture for every budget, from new to gently used. Get in touch with us or contact one of our Furniture Consultants at 972-242-1700 to learn more.

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