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9 Ways to Make Your Workspace More Homey

If you don’t have your own office, you know that it can be hard to turn your desk or cubicle into a space that’s cozy and comfortable. But, with a little creativity and a lot of love, it is possible to turn your tiny workspace into one that’s warm, and inviting. Check out these simple suggestions for how to make your work area more homey:

Go Green

Add some succulents to bring some life to your desk! These types of plants require little to no maintenance, so if you forget to water them, no problem.

Create a Personalized Mouse Pad

Go online and find a website where you can upload a picture of your pet or family onto a mouse pad. Or simply create your own design at home. Get crafty; break out the duct tape, stencils and scissors to make a mousepad that mirrors your personality.

Add to Your Bookshelf

What you read says a lot about you. Bring some of your favorite books to work and add some work-related material to your bookshelf. Make it your space and let others in to get to know you better.

Motivational Message Boards

When the going gets tough, you need to give yourself some motivation. Buy a small dry erase board and hang it on your wall. Write down your favorite quotes that encourage you to keep smiling.

Business Cards

When you are away from your desk, let others know you are still within reach with a business card display. Personalized business cards prove your work ethic and let others know you care about being connected.

Photos of Loved Ones

Print out photos of your families, friends, and pets, then arrange them into a collage. Adding familiar faces to your space makes your day more enjoyable.

Bright Colors

Used colors and prints that best reflect your personality. Little accents around your workspace can improve your mood and motivation throughout the day.

Your Go-To Office Mug

It is a must. Whether you drink coffee or tea, buy a mug that permanently remains at work. If you're into photography, buy a mug shaped like a camera lens. If you like quotes, go with one that's funny and starts a conversations with coworkers who notice it.

Swap Out Your Boring Chair

Instead of using the chair your company provides, swap it out with an exercise ball in your favorite color. Work your abs and improve your posture the fun way.

We hope these tips help your desk or cubicle become a place you want to be and not just a place where you have to spend 40 hours a week. For more great tips and ideas on office furniture and design in the workplace, check out our blog! Or, if you need help finding new office furniture, just contact one of our Furniture Consultants at 972-242-1700. 

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