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Coworking: A New Perspective on Workspaces

You're sitting there at your kitchen table in front of your laptop ready to start your day. Steam rises from your favorite coffee mug and you inhale the scent before taking a sip just as you notice the pile of dishes eyeing you from the sink. The sun peeks through your kitchen window as you turn and realize that the yard hasn't been cut in a few weeks. All within seconds your world expands.

You now have immersed yourself between chores and work. It takes a lot of discipline to sit inside your home and focus on work when there are countless tasks around the house that seem just as important.

The idea of going to a cafe to work is enticing, but the chairs are never really that comfortable and the charging outlets are all miraculously in use. So you sit there, in your kitchen, struggling to be productive. However, there is an alternative option - coworking.

What Is Coworking?

Coworking is essentially when individuals join together in a shared office space that ultimately increases productivity and builds a community of likeminded people.

The shared workplace doesn't reflect traditional office norms. Instead, there’s a relaxed feel as a variety of companies share one space and work on multiple different projects, making a unique and beneficial experience for all.

Why Try Coworking?

Coworking has a lot of benefits that a traditional office or home office doesn’t, such as:

Limited Distractions

As mentioned earlier, coworking gives you the option to get out of your house and away from all the distractions. Household chores can wait until you take care of your priorities at work. Using a shared location can also keep you on a schedule which helps to hide the distractions that come with not absolutely having to be at 'work' at a specific time. Working remotely takes discipline, but the coworking option can make it easier to get into a routine and keep you focused.

Cost Effectiveness

Though coworking is not free, it is still less expensive than renting out an office space. It’s cheaper than ordering a few drinks every day from your favorite coffee shop. Plus, costs like a receptionist, office cleaner, utilities, or trash service are all included in your “rent”.


Working alongside people who are in different lines of work and inviting new perspectives only expands your knowledge base. Learning from others can often lead to improving procedures and policies within your own line of work; a task that is nearly impossible if you work by yourself. Who knows? Maybe someone you meet in the coworking environment can open up other opportunities for you later in life.


Most coworking spaces are open 24/7. So if you like to hit the gym in the mornings, or you work best in the late hours of the night, you will not be confined by hours of operation that most businesses adhere to. Additionally, some people can get more work done in a shorter time than others can. Why would you want someone else work ethic and productivity control your schedule?

Positive Environment

People actually want to come to work. The environment is relaxed, like a coffee shop, but with more chairs, desks, and outlets. You are free to wear what you are comfortable in and no one is concerned about it. There also isn't any competition or typical office politics because everyone is in a different field. There is no pressure to outperform another person and, on the contrary, they are often more likely to help you and others in the office if you need anything.

So before you run off to the coffee shop down the road, check out what the buzz is all about in coworking office spaces. You might find that it is the right fit for you and can open up doors of opportunity that you would have never encountered working alone.

Most coworking spaces come furnished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve them with some touches of your own. Want a comfier, more ergonomic chair? How about some additional storage space for those files? At Office Furniture Source, we have every solution you need available in our showroom or on our online furniture store. And, if you’re not exactly sure what you need, you can contact us
at 972-242-1700 to speak to a Furniture Consultant who can help you figure it out!

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