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Do’s and Don’ts for this Summer’s Company Picnic

Company picnics can be a ton of fun. After all, who doesn’t like going to a party and eating food on their company’s dime? But they aren’t just parties, they’re also work events. You coworkers and your boss will be there and, like it or not, your behavior will be judged. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good time, but it doesn’t mean you should completely cut loose either.

If you’ve never been to a company picnic, or it’s been a while, check out these do’s and don’ts to help ensure you have a fun, but professional, time.

DO go. Even if you’re not that excited about it, your company picnic is a good chance to show you’re part of the team and socialize with coworkers you might not otherwise. It also shows your appreciation, as your company probably put a lot of money into the event.

DON’T dress inappropriately. You don’t have to wear a dress or a suit and tie, but don’t show up in revealing or overly casual clothes unless the situation calls for it. For example, if the company picnic is at a pool, it’s ok to wear a swimsuit. If it’s at your local park however, it’s best to leave your summer bikini at home.

DO bring your family (if invited). While it’s a good idea to keep work and home separate most of the time, bringing your family to a company-sponsored event shows that your work family and your real-life family can intertwine every once in awhile.

DON’T drink too much. Enjoy a beer or two but limit it to that, as having too much to drink can make you let go of inhibitions.

DO talk to people. This is a social event after all, and you should put some time and effort into conversing with your coworkers and their families.

DON’T get too personal. Keep your interactions and conversations with others appropriate and professional at all time.

DO talk to your manager and higher level executives. It might be a little nerve wracking, but it shows serious effort.

DON’T take up too much of their time. Managers and execs have a lot of people they’re obligated to talk to at events like this, so while you do want to chat with them, don’t monopolize their time.

DO thank your boss. Events like this involve a lot of time, money, and effort to put on. If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that throws a company picnic, you should thank them for their generosity.

DON’T let your guard down. Remember, this event combines your social life and your professional one. Don’t gossip or be a downer. Don’t talk about work too much and keep your conversations light.

DO have fun! This event is meant to be enjoyed. Eat, have a drink, take part in games, and have a great time.

From all of us at Office Furniture Source, we hope this year’s company picnic is the best one yet! And remember, if your boss starts to talk about getting some new furniture for the office, our furniture consultants are just a phone call or click away. Call us at 972-242-1700.

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