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How Office Design Affects Productivity

Stress in the workplace is a very real concern. According to the CDC, 60 percent of all lost work days are caused by stress. Additionally, 97 percent of employees believe that the quality of their workplace is a sign of how valued they are by their employer and only 11 percent are satisfied with their work environment.

The fact is, for workers to have a stress free workplace, they have to feel safe, comfortable, and valued. To learn how to create an environment that is uplifting, inspiring, and welcoming for your employees, consider these facts on how office design affects productivity in the workplace.

Discomfort Equals Disengagement

An article by World Crunch reveals that $300 billion is lost each year because of stress in the workplace. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, $81 billion of this loss of productivity is caused by physical pain and discomfort.

To solve this, businesses should get rid of uncomfortable furniture in favor of seating lounges and ergonomic desks and chairs. Computer monitors should also be repositioned so that they are a healthy height to prevent neck strain and at a distance of two to three feet away to prevent eye damage.

Make Use of Natural Light

Workers prefer natural light to fluorescent bulbs. It’s also been shown that exposure to natural light improves the body’s sleep schedule, which can help employees lead happier and healthier lives.

Bring natural light into the office by incorporating glass in your office and opening blinds and doors as much as possible.

Bring Life and Color to Your Office

An Exeter University study shows that 85 percent of workers feel that having plants in the workplace increases their productivity. Color is also a huge factor, with a University of Texas study showing that white, blue, and green are the most productivity inducing colors.

Many employees feel that their office lacks personality. You can fix this in your workplace by incorporating plants, color, and artwork throughout the building.

Find a Balance Between Collaborative Workspaces and Private Ones

Interruptions cost business $558 billion each year. As important as it is to have open spaces where employees can work together, it’s equally important to have private ones where the can hunker down to work.

At Office Furniture Source, we have plenty of workstations and cubicles that will give your employees privacy and plenty of space to spread out. We also have ergonomic and comfortable chairs and desks to ensure that your employees are healthy and happy at work.

If you need help figuring out of to increase productivity in your workplace by updating your office furniture, contact one of our furniture consultants at 972-242-1700 today.

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