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How to Be a Good Telecommute Employee

Most of us do the same thing every day. We drive into the office, sit down in our cube, put in our 8 hours, and wait for the clock to hit 5. Sure, it’s what the vast majority of americans call “work,” but there are a few who are lucky enough to avoid this.

These are the people who don’t drive anywhere. They’re the ones that don’t sit in a cube, but rather sit at home in their pajamas in the ergonomic office chair at the comfortable desk they’ve selected on their own. Those people are the telecommuters.

Compared to the majority, there are very few workers in America who have the privilege of working from home. But, despite what you may think, telecommuting isn’t always easy. Whether you’re new to working remotely or are a seasoned remote employee, these tips can help you be the best telecommuter you can be.

  1. Set goals. Just because you’re not in the office, doesn’t mean there aren’t things you need to get done. Have a set of daily goals and a set of monthly goals to keep yourself on track.

  2. Keep work and home separate. How do you do this when working from home? Have your own, clearly defined space where you work that is separate from where you live your personal life.
  3. Don’t get too comfortable. While there’s nothing wrong with working in your pajamas, going through a morning routine can help you really feel like it's time for work. Getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating breakfast can all help you feel ready to start the day strong.
  4. Set a routine. This should include both when you work and when you take breaks so you can achieve the ultimate balance.
  5. Switch it up. While working in the house is convenient, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it helps to change things up by working at a local coffee shop. A change of scenery can provide new perspective and help motivate you.
  6. Come into the office. Everyone needs to socialize, even if it’s only once in awhile. Make time to come into the office, talk with coworkers, and say hi to your boss every month or so.
  7. Communicate clearly. It can be hard, when you're working from home, to read things like tone and emotion when all you have to go in is an email. Make an effort to periodically call coworkers and clients, instead of doing all your communication electronically.

In addition to these tips, there really isn't enough that can be said about having the right work environment. If you have a small home office, check out these tips to make it bigger. If you have trouble being productive at work, there are hacks for that to. And, finally, if you find yourself distracting while working from home, consider coworking.

And, of course, if you need some new office furniture to compliment your telecommute job, don’t hesitate to contact the Furniture Consultants at Office Furniture Source by calling 972-242-1700.

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