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How to Make Open Workspace Benching Work in Today's Office

Merging executives with the millennials and young “newbies” in a combined workspace can be a tough task.  Millennials have quickly become the largest segment of the workforce today and have a different set of characteristics than those of the executive positions.

Grey Global Group, an advertising agency in New York, has worked hard to design a workspace that will accommodate the younger crowed and ease the transition from college life to the work world. 

Maria Gallione, senior vice president and account management development director, has observed young workers are forming closer ties more quickly than her peers did at that age. 

The idea behind designing a workspace for young workers was to let them lean on each other for help instead of constantly having questions for the executives, and also to provide an easier transition from college life to office life. 

This base camp or “kids table” is popular among the young workers. Micole Himelfarb, an assistant at Grey Global Group, noted that it’s less stress being around assistants of similar age and it has a whole different vibe.   Overall, the assistants felt they were in need of extra support and the executives were distracted by the constant questions.

Assistants start off together but once an employee is promoted, they do leave the base camp. This new office layout seemed to be a good solution for everyone at the agency and created a cleaner, more productive work environment. 

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Source: – May 2015

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