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Incorporating Nature in the Office

There are many things you can do to improve your office’s look and your employee’s morale as a result. For instance, you can stoc the break room with free snacks or drinks. Or, you can pick out some new desks and ergonomic office chairs to replace the old ones you’ve been making due with.

While all of these suggestions are good, one of the easiest ways to dress up your office, improve happiness, and increase productivity is to incorporate nature. This may sound a little tricky or expensive at first, but it can actually be really easy and well worth the cost if you follow these suggestions.

1. Create an outdoor space for your employees. This can be as simple as landscaping a small garden with a bench or creating a picnic area for outdoor lunches. If your office doesn’t have any outdoor space, you can convert your break room into an indoor garden by featuring things like a small waterfall, fish pond/tank, and plenty of greenery.

2. Bring lots of natural light in. Open up those blinds and take down the shutters. Natural light can brighten any day and any mood.

3. Have a ton of space? Build a treehouse. There are more than a few companies that are taking offices with two stories or more and building tree houses inside them. This brings the fun of the outdoors inside and reawakens childlike imagination. Plus, you can add a slide for an easy way to get downstairs.

4. Use natural furniture. Incorporating furniture made of wood, like this beautiful Cherry Wood Conference Table, can make you feel like you’re bringing even more nature indoors.

5. Create dividing walls made of plants. Not every “wall” in your office has to be solid. Using tall plants and vines to make a dividing wall is an excellent way to make your office more green.

6. Having walking meetings. Get your team up and out of the office by taking your meetings outdoors. Walking will help everyone get some fresh air and can even inspire creativity.

7. Give plants as gifts. Not sure what to give employees at the end-of-the-year holiday party? No problem. Small potted plants are cost-efficient and easily customizable, so you can pick the perfect one for each employee.

Additionally, bringing nature into the office can always be as easy as placing some plants strategically around your space. And, if you don’t have enough furniture to place your greenery on, you can easily pick up some affordable new or pre-owned tables, pedestals, or bookcases at Office Furniture Source. Just check out our online store, stop in, or contact us at 972-242-1700 to find the perfect piece. 

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