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Make Downsizing Your Office Easy With These Simple Steps

When you hear the word “downsizing” in reference to a company, you might be inclined to think it’s a bad thing. But downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean company is losing money or laying people off. In fact, downsizing can be a positive thing, especially for businesses looking to save money on their office space.

So don’t worry if you need to downsize your company’s office space! The downsizing process can actually be pretty easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Consider if Coworking Spaces are Right for You.

The first question to ask yourself is, “Do we really need an office at all?” If most or all of your employees can work from home, it may be much more beneficial and cost efficient for you to rent a coworking space where employees can occasionally come in or where you can schedule meetings with clients if need be. If you find that your business does need its own office, the next steps can help you downsize easily.

2. Think Small.

Look for a smaller version of whatever equipment, furniture, or supplies you use. For example, you use bulky desktop computers, switch to laptops. If you have couches and love seats, try switching to multipurpose chairs that can be used for conference and break room seating as well.

3. Digitize, Digitize, Digitize.

In this day and age, there is almost no reason to do business on paper. Almost everything can be done online, from sending letters to signing legal documents. Reducing the amount of paper you use can cut down on the amount of space you need to store it.

4. Take Advantage of The Cloud.

Some companies who have already digitized everything, are still storing that information on in-house servers, which take up a ton of space and use a ton of energy. Instead, purchase space on the cloud so you can store your information remotely and cut down on the electricity bill.

5. Get Rid of Your Storage Room.

Have extra furniture you don’t use? Look into furniture storage or furniture liquidation. Have a closet full of supplies? If you’re cutting down on paper, you probably don’t need as many pens, folders, and envelopes as you used to. Once cleaned out, you can convert your storage room into a more practical, useable space.

If you’re downsizing to a smaller office space, don’t be intimidated. With Office Furniture Source, you can get help with everything from moving logistics, to furniture rentals, to smaller new and used furniture for your new space.

Get started with your downsizing project by contacting us and speaking to a Furniture Consultant at 972-242-1700.

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