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Move Your Office With Less Stress with These Tips

Moving a home is one of the most stressful times any of us will go through in our lives. When you add in the factor of doing business while you move, it becomes much more difficult. It is a real challenge to maintain your day-to-day business responsibilities while planning an event that directly affects everyone in your office and your office's profitability.

Download Our 100 Point Office Move Checklist

Having an experienced consultant to help manage the moving process for you can relieve much of the angst and frustration in this endeavor. To begin, we recommend you download our  100 point "move checklist" that can help take much of the anxiety out of your next move. Although many of the items on the checklist seem to be small, through our experience every step is necessary. 

What is Next?

Easy, just call us. Office Furniture Source has trained professionals with years of experience in aiding our clients through a smooth transition to their new offices. Let us give you a hand in moving, storing, re-purposing, liquidating or purchasing office furniture for your upcoming move.

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