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Let's Get Back to Work- Conference Rooms Edition

Coming back to the office has a different feeling now-a-day. There are more safety measures in place to ensure the work environment is a healthy place for employees. Being able to put distance between employees is the main concern and to do that you have to have the right conference tables around. Below you can see three different ways to maintain social distance and include everyone in your meeting!

1.) Maintain 6ft of Distance

When hosting a team meeting try to hold it the space where you have your conference table! These tables usually have the most length which will allow you to distance each chair six feet apart! Doing so the day before the meeting will ensure each employee has their "safe" space from one another!

JSI Collective Conference Table

2.) Add Clear Dividers

Finding dividers for a conference table can be a bit tricky, but it's okay because you can get creative and purchase 3-5 Acrylic Desk Top Screens (like the one below) and place them in the middle of your conference table! Adding these will allow the attendance of all your employees and still keep them safe!

Acrylic Desk Top Screen

3.) Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize!

Before and after every meeting make sure you wipe down each chair and table with anti-bacteria wipes! This will eliminate the spread of gems from person to person! Also, make sure you place hand sanitizer on the conference table and around your conference room for easy access to every employee!

Implementing these precautions will allow you to have safe meetings and enjoy the company of your staff! 

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