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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Workplace Noise

Whether you have a private office or your work space is part of open floor plan, chances are excessive noise has interrupted your workday. Conversations are one thing, but when you add ringing phones, humming computers, and droning copy machines to the mix, the noise can become unbearable.

A noisy workplace is not only an inconvenience, it can be a distraction as well. Office noise has a profound effect on employee productivity. In fact, one study showed that over 70% of office workers stated that a reduction in noise would increase their ability to be productive. Despite this high number, the same study showed that only 19% of executives and bosses were aware that noise was a problem in their office. Noise in the office is a problem many people deal with but is rarely discussed.

Noisy offices are far more likely to see a decrease in employee morale and an increase in turnover, so cutting down on noise in the workplace is a must. 

6 simple ways to reduce excess noise in your office:

  • Isolate loud machines  Confine printers, fax machines, or servers, consider confining to their own room to cut down on noise. Placing computer towers in cabinets can also help reduce noise levels.
  • Install quieter flooring  Wood and ceramic tiles cause echos, but carpet can be hard to clean. Vinyl flooring provides an alternative that is quiet and easily maintained.
  • Provide dedicated conversation space  Conversations have to happen in the workplace, but they don’t have to happen where everyone can hear. Instead, create small rooms for meetings and phone booths for taking calls.
  • Improve your insulation  Consider replacing the insulation in your office’s walls with sound blocking materials like open cell foam or mineral wool.
  • Divide the room  Redirect the way sound travels in an open floor plan office by breaking the room into sections. This can be accomplished with blinds, screens, dividing walls, and furniture like high-backed chairs and couches.
  • Invest in a white noise machine  Believe it or not, creating noise can actually reduce noise. Sound Masking by Speech Privacy Systems is an easy-to-use device that helps reduce unwanted sounds in the workplace by creating soothing white noise.

Developing a noise reduction strategy can prevent employees from suffering from side effects like stress, hearing damage, headaches, fatigue, irritability, and elevated blood pressure. At Office Furniture Source, we offer a variety of noise cancelling solutions at affordable prices. Browse our inventory or contact us to discuss our space planning services to help make your work space quieter at 855-318-4311.






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