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Clear Design Koze Soft Seating Brings the Best of Home to the Workplace

The Comfort and Style of Home at Work

Customers tell us they want a workplace that inspires creativity and innovation. Soft fabrics, inviting sofa-like seats and rocking chairs have replaced yesterday's hard edged, cold materials. Today's office resembles a home more than a workplace. There is a reason for that. We spend over 40 hours a week at work and employers want to provide an inspiring and collaborative environment so their team members can do their best work. 

Clear Design's Koze office furniture are a great way to inspire ad-hoc meetings, huddles or standing meetings. What better way to break away from a cubicle or stale office than to relax and get away on one of Koze's couch's or chairs?

Inspire your team to do their best work.

Best Workspaces to Put the Clear Design Koze

Koze is great for breakout areas, waiting areas for your customers, break rooms, or any other quiet space where collaboration is key. The Koze even works great as additional seating in offices and as a place to get away in the lunch area of your office. 

Koze comes in multiple fabrics and wood leg colors to match your current office's decor. With these options it is easy to find one that works for your modern workplace. 

What Our Interior Designers Say

Our Interior Designers are hearing more and more requests from customers requesting more soft, yet durable options for offices. Since this is office furniture, it's built to withstand years of use from your team and customers. Koze brings the durability of high-resiliency polyurethane foam cores, reinforced solid hardwood frame, and the convenience of removable cushions with zip-off cover.

Our Designers love the style of Clear Design products. They are a modern and forward looking company that makes visually stunning furniture that lasts.

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