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Office Furniture Repair

Need Office Furniture Repair?

Some pieces of furniture, even office furniture,repair.jpegcan become very special and meaningful over time. Maybe it’s belonged to you since your started your business. Perhaps the piece is a valuable antique that needs some love. Or maybe you were gifted a piece of furniture you’ve become attached to.

No matter what the reason, when a piece of furniture that you love is damaged, chances are you’re going to want to try to fix it.

At Office Furniture Source, we understand the importance of repairing your furniture with care so it can be restored to its former glory. Whether you need help with a repair or just need an older piece to be refinished, we’re happy to help.

Committed to Sustainability

At Office Furniture Source, we’re very keen on sustainability. That’s why we believe that if a piece of office furniture is in good working order and can be safely repaired, it should be. Our repair professionals are trained on all types of furniture, from cubicles, to desks, to filing cabinets. Plus, they can work out of our facility or visit clients on site throughout the Dallas, Texas area (some restrictions apply).

Refinish and Revive Older Pieces

Older furniture is stunning, but sometimes it loses it’s luster. At Office Furniture Source, we also provide furniture refinishing services. Our team are experts at caring for a variety of different furniture surfaces and giving them new life.

Remember, repair completion times depend on the product and its age, condition, etc. Our repair experts can asses the piece(s) to be repaired and give you an estimate for how long the repair will take.


Why Have Your Furniture Professionally Repaired

You may be wondering why you would pay to have your furniture repaired or refinished when you could do it yourself. While you can handle some minor repairs and refinishing needs on your own, there are some that might require an expert’s touch. Here are just a few reasons to consider having your furniture repairs and restorations handled by a professional:

  • If the piece is heavy or large, it could be dangerous to try fixing it by yourself.
  • A professional has completed many jobs like this before and has years of experience to lean on
  • If the furniture is cracked, you may not have the tools required to complete the repair
  • A professional can do the job a lot faster, which saves you time
  • If you are insure of what materials you need, where to get them, or how to handle them safely
  • A professional’s touch will ensure your piece will last for years to come
  • If there are common household stains, like nail polish or magic marker, that you cannot get out

Get a Quote for Furniture Repair or Refinishing in Dallas, Texas


If you need help reviving a piece of old furniture or repairing it so that it’s safe for use, you’ve found the right people. Contact us or give us a call  at 972-242-1700 to ask questions, get a custom quote based on your needs, or schedule your appointment.


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