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Furniture Storage


When it’s time for your business to move, downsize, or buy new furniture, you may be left wondering what to do with your old office furniture. Whether you plan on using it again or ultimately intend to sell it, you may have  short or long term need to store your office furniture.

One option is to find a way to store your furniture yourself, either in a self-service storage or within your own office space. Unfortunately, this solution is guaranteed to involve a lot of stress and wasted time. Instead, why not have your Dallas, Texas company’s furniture professionally stored.


Full Service Office Furniture Storage, Pickup, and Delivery Solutions

When you choose to take advantage of Office Furniture Source’s storage services, you get much more than a place for your furniture in our warehouse. Our team is trained in how to properly handle and move furniture. Not only will we store it for you, but we’ll pick it up, deliver it, and reinstall it as well.

As your company grows, your needs are constantly changing. That’s why we provide help with both short term and long term storage needs. Whether you’re storing a few extra desks or an entire suite of office furniture, you can rest assured they’ll be safe in our secure, 50,000 sq. ft. facility. 

Our storage solutions include options like:j-vision-con-office-01-lg.jpg

  • Storage periods by week, month, or year

  • Customized quotes depending on your specific storage needs

  • Storage available by square foot, pallet, or bay

  • Designed to fit your budget

  • Priced $20/pallet plus handling fees


Get Ready for Storage with These Handy Tips

If storing your office furniture is what’s right for you and your business, here are several ways you can make sure the experience is a pleasant one:

  • Make a list/inventory of all the items you are putting in storage. We will do the same, and that allows both of us to ensure you will leave our storage facilities with everything you put in there.

  • Make sure any pieces of furniture that need to be stored at specific temperatures are kept in a special, climate-controlled facility.

  • Pack all electronics, like computers and printers, and important documents, like certifications or degrees, securely in padded boxes.

  • Lastly, digitize any and all records that do not need to be kept on paper to cut down on require storage space and reduce the risk of losing them.


Rates For Your Storage Need

Size Per Month

1 Pallet (40 x 48 x 72)




Flat Storage


Questions about storage? Ready to schedule? Give us a call at 972-242-1700.

Not sure if you want to store your furniture or sell it? Learn more about our storage solutions and about our furniture liquidation services by giving us a call at 972-242-1700.

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