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Office Furniture Liquidation

Liquidating Your Furniture Can Be a Seamless Processliquidation.jpg

When companies move or redesign their offices, they can often find themselves with furniture they no longer need or want. That’s where furniture liquidation comes into play. Furniture liquidation is when a business sells a batch of old or unwanted furniture in order to free up space for their new furniture.

Office Furniture Source has plenty of experience helping business when it comes to liquidating their office furniture. We offer full turnkey liquidation services for clients here in Dallas, Texas.


Benefits of Liquidating Office Furniture

  • Receive payment quickly

  • Services available to businesses of any size

  • Move, pick up, and liquidate all types of office furniture

  • Easy and hassle free


All Types of Liquidations

Our specialty is large scale liquidations, though we can help businesses of any size. We can move, pick up, and liquidate all kinds of furniture, from desks and chairs, to cubicles, to the artwork in your office. With us, furniture liquidation is easy and hassle free.


Learn More about Furniture Liquidation

The cost of furniture liquidation depends on many factors, like how many hours it may take, what materials are needed, the size of the office, and building accessibility.

If you have questions about our liquidation services or would like to get a quote on how much it might cost to liquidate your office, contact us and speak to one of our Furniture Consultants. Plus, if you need help with furniture storage or moving logistics, we can help with that too. Call us to learn more at 972-242-1700.

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