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Pre-Owned Office Furniture


Good, high quality furniture can last a lifetime, so why do so many businesses only buy new office furniture? Used furniture that has been properly cared for can be just as good as new furniture. Not only does it often have many, many years of life left, but used office furniture can save you thousands of dollars.

Make Your Budget Go Further

Many companies, especially new and small businesses, don’t have a big furniture budget. When you buy used, you are making that money go further without suffering any loss in quality or selection. At Office Furniture Source, we have hundreds of used furniture options for you to take advantage of.

Superior Quality

When you buy from us, you have a unique opportunity to get very high quality used furniture. That’s because much of our used offering comes from Fortune 1000 companies with budgets to afford big name brands like Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, and Herman Miller. When these companies move or redesign their offices, they sell off large lots of used furniture that  is often in nearly-new condition. We buy this furniture for a hugely discounted rate and pass the savings right along to you.

Mix and Match

One of the great things about shopping at Office Furniture Source is that we have plenty of new and used furniture. If you’re looking to buy some pieces new, but want to save a few bucks by buying some pieces used, you can easily do that here. Our Furniture Consultants are experts at helping you mix and match to find the right blend of new and used.

Go Green, Buy Used

On top of the numerous advantages of buying used office furniture, it’s also more environmentally friendly than buying new. Each piece of used furniture we save, and each one you buy, is one less piece that’s clogging up the landfills.



Like-New Furniture, Used Prices

We take great pride in our used furniture offering, so you can rest easy knowing every piece we sell has been properly cleaned and disinfected, and has undergone any necessary furniture repairs. Ready to find the right piece for your office? Contact us or give us a call at 972-242-1700 to schedule an appointment and come shop around.

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