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Rental and Leasing

Office furniture is a must have for almost any business, but that doesn't always mean that purchasing the furniture outright is the best solution. For some businesses, it makes more sense to lease or rent their office furniture. It’s a great way to furnish a space without making the financial commitment of purchasing an entire office’s worth of furniture.

Rental and Lease Options at Office Furniture Source

Whether you need to fill an entire office or just need to rent or lease one specific type of furniture, like desks or chairs, we have plenty of options for you. Our large inventory allows us to rent and lease items like workstations, cubicles, desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves, and more.

We can even help you get the funds to finance your rental furniture. We work with two trusted vendors, Centra Funding, LLC and Horizon Keystone Financial, to ensure all of your equipment financing needs are met.

Benefits of Renting or Leasing Office Furniture


If you aren’t sure if renting or leasing office furniture is right for you, consider the benefits that it can provide your business:

  • It saves money. By renting furniture, your company conserves valuable capital that can be invested in more important ventures.

  • It’s hassle free. Delivery, pickup, and installation are included in the cost of our services.

  • It eliminates downtime. When you lease furniture, there’s no need to waste hours or days on shopping or moving furniture.

  • It could be tax deductible. You can often write rentals off as a business expense.

Check out our blog for some additional ways renting or leasing office furniture can benefit your company.

Rental and Lease Terms and Conditions

To rent or lease furniture from Office Furniture Source, you must commit to a minimum purchase of $500. You will be required to pay your delivery fee, as well as the fee for your first and last month's rental, up front. You also sign a contract wherein you acknowledge that all the furniture you are leasing is the property of Office Furniture Source.

Get a Quote for Your Rental Needs Today

Our rental services are popular, so the selection of rental furniture you have to choose from is based both on your needs and our current availability. Get in touch with one of our Furniture Consultants to learn more and get your rental started. Call us at 855-318-4311.

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