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Space Planning


Save Money by Optimizing Your Current Workspace

It’s no secret that office design affects productivity. Your office is a space you spend a lot of time in and, as such, it’s a space that needs to be both comfortable and inspiring. The furniture, the layout, the paint; all these things factor into how your office makes you feel and whether it makes coming to work something to look forward to.

At Office Furniture source, we offer space planning to compliment our moving and storage services. Our accredited designers work hard to create office spaces that are creative and geared for ultimate productivity. They can help you plan anything from one room to an entire office suite.

Any Space, Any Budget

ofs-services-space-planning-consultation.jpgOur designers have plenty of experience working with all kinds of spaces and and budgets. We’ll complete your space planning project in a timely and accurate manner so you can get back to work in your new space. If you’ve never worked with a designer before, here’s what you can expect when going through the space planning process with Office Furniture Source:

  • We’ll start with a free phone consultation where we discuss your wants and needs.

  • Next, we’ll set up an appointment to walk through your space and take measurements.

  • Then, our designers will begin the planning phase. We’ll consider your storage needs, how you want traffic to flow around the office, and the needs of your current and future employees.

  • Once we have this information, we use software to draft space planning drawings and mockups of what your new space will look like.

  • Next, we will submit our plans to you for approval and start a discussion with you where comments and concerns can be addressed.

  • With all revisions made, we are ready to begin the project and will coordinate with any other manufacturers of paint, flooring, or finishes along the way.

Ready to Get Started Planning Your Workspace?

Whether you’re looking to revamp your conference room, turn closed offices into open workspaces, or are trying to avoid moving by utilizing an existing small space, Office Furniture Source is happy to help. Contact us or give us a call at 972-242-1700 to get started.

Are you a designer? Click here to see what resources we have available.

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